Universal Sling with Head Support & Clip Small(Red)

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The Universal Sling is made in the UK, using only the best materials available. The quality standards are evident in the sewing and that of the material strength. The Universal Sling is available with or without a head section to support those with limited upper body strength whilst remaining easy to apply.


Available in Small, Medium, Large & XLarge

Head support standard – our Universal Sling features head support as standard to ensure patients are properly supported during lifting and to avoid injury

Loops or clips – our Universal Sling is available with either loops or clips, making them compatible with all lifters

Solid polyester material – Solid Polyester is recommended for general multi-functional use.

Supportive design – in addition to the head support, the cut of the sling provides pelvic support to patients as well as all-round comfort during lifting procedures

Made in the UK to meet international standards – high quality manufacture in the UK ensures the slings are designed to last and meet all compliance requirements

Weight Limit: Small/Medium (220kg); Large/XLarge(300kg)


Colour coded straps and binding – colours signify the size of the sling to ensure the correct sling is used every time

Woven labels – woven labels are wash proof and indicate sling type, weight limit, and audit history for the life of the sling

Fabric selection – materials used are durable and specifically designed to deliver safety and longevity

AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011 Compliant

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