Tubular Plus Small Limbs 5cm*5m

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Tubular-Plus is ideally designed to provide a protective layer in direct contact with the skin.

Tubular-Plus is used for:
- Protection of frail aged skin against minor skin tearing and other superficial injuries.
- Protection of the skin prior to the application of fibre-glass & plaster of paris casts.
- Padding to Limbs under compression bandaging.

Tubular Plus is 100% Australian made and Owned
Made from Cotton 98% (Elastodiene / Nylon 2%) and is Latex Free

It is important when measuring Tubular-Plus prior to application, that an amount of 2.5cm is allowed at either end of the bandage.

The 2.5cm of additional bandage will gently roll after being cut to prevent airborne particles from entering the wound.

After using Tubular-Plus for an extended period, the bandage will be subtly shaped to the limb it has been applied.

Gently pull the bandage lengthways to remove the memory and the bandage will return to its original specifications.

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