Softmed A-MED Respirator P2/N95 w/ Head Straps (blue straps) - Box 20

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The P2/N95 A-MED Surgical Respirator is flat folded with a low-profile design that helps contour facial movements without compromising on fit.

The upper panel features a bendable nose clip which reduces fog.

An additional nose foam is attached inside the top panel for extra comfort.

The rubber headband creates an even pressure around the head.

The outer layers of melt blown act as filters to protect users from harmful airborne particles and contaminants, whilst the outer spun bond layer is fluid resistant.

The inner spun bond layer absorbs moisture to support comfort and protection.

It is supplied in a non-sterile state.


Intended Use:

The P2/N95 A-MED Surgical Respirator with Head Straps is intended for single use only to protect wearers from airborne particles and liquid.

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