Reynard Everyday Bath in bed wipes 8/pack

Sale price$1.76


A complete bathing solution Cleanse and moisturise the skin, remove harmful bacteria and control odour in one easy step. Eliminating the need for reusable accessories that can harbour harmful bacteria, upgrading to Reynard Bed in Bath wipes can play an important role in reducing cross contamination.

*Wipes per pack: 8

*Can be used hot, cold or at room tempreture

*Improves patient comfort and independence as well as nursing work flow

*High quality spun lace cloth that won’t tear

*High moisture content with a non-foaming cleanser

*Effective rinse-free cleansing with no sticky residue

*Dermatologically tested, perfume free for sensitive skin

*Available in various pack sizes

*Cloth Size: 30 x 20cm

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