Resource ThickenUp Clear 900g - Each

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RESOURCE® ThickenUp® Clear, Food and Drink Thickener 900g is a nutritional beverage which is specially made for the dietary management for patients with swallowing difficulties also known as dysphagia.

Features & Benefits:

RESOURCE® ThickenUp® Clear, Food and Drink Thickener is mixed up with food and drinks producing a transparent, tasteless, odourless, and lump-free solution. The instant food and drink solution does not affect the colour, taste, and odour of hot or cold liquids or foods.

RESOURCE® ThickenUp® Clear, Food and Drink Thickeners are exclusively patented with xanthan gum formulation which offers a clear solution for patients and clinicians. It is easy to mix and easy to measure with a blue 1.2g scoop given in the 900g can. Innovative technology has allowed for the solution to be rapid and stabilised in the thickening process because of the xanthan gum blend ensuring the consistency during entire swallowing process for the patient.

For the usage of RESOURCE® ThickenUp® Clear, Food and Drink Thickener, please see the details labelled on the can. Refer to health care professionals when mixing protein containing liquids, it is also the responsibility of the person administering RESOURCE® ThickenUp® Clear to ensure that the liquid is mixed to the appropriate consistency.

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