QV Intensive Cream 500g

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QV Intensive Cream is a highly concentrated moisturising cream that helps prevent and relieve extremely dry skin.

QV Intensive Cream is a rich cream scientifically designed to moisturise and help maintain moisture in extremely dry skin. The preservative-free formulation is suitable for very sensitive skin, or skin prone to sensitivity due to preservatives.

• Triple-moisturising action, including 10% glycerin, for optimal skin hydration without a greasy residue
• Clinically proven 24-hour moisturisation
• Easily applied and readily absorbed into the skin without excessive rubbing
• Helps maintain the skin's natural protective barrier and lock in moisture
• Preservative-free, further reducing the chance of irritancy
• Low-irritant formulation, fragrance, lanolin, propylene glycol and colour-free
• Non-comedogenic, so it won't block pores
• Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically tested

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