3W LED Exam Light White w/ Mobile Base & Wall Mount

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Powerful long-life LED with up to 50,000 hours of operation

Low energy consumption IR and heat free cold white light

Comfortable guiding handle with integrated

On/Off switch Cooling through a heatsink so no fans or moving parts

Superb colour rendering

Mobile base and wall mount provided with every light



Light Source: 3W LED

Light Intensity: 89,000 Lux @ 30cm / 40,000 Lux @ 50cm

Light Field Diameter: 80-150mm

Colour Temperature: 4,500-5,000K

Lamp Head Diameter: 75mm

Lamp Head Length: 110mm

Base Diameter: 530mm

Base Height: 790mm

Gooseneck Length: 760mm

Total Height: 1,830mm

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