Flavour Creations SCREAMIES No Melt Ice Cream Protein Chocolate 120g - Pkt 12

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SCREAMIES Protein Chocolate is irresistibly delicious and nutritious, made with 8 grams of protein, premium decadent cocoa and no artificial colours and flavours. Australian made, SCREAMIES Protein Chocolate uses Aussie cream and a specialised no-melt formula to be Amylase Resistant and to meet IDDSI level 4 Pureed consistency – perfect for people dining with dysphagia.

- Shelf Stable
- 8g Protein
- 2.8kcal/g
- No Artificial Colours and Flavours
- Convenient, portion controlled 120g cup
- Source of Calcium
- Gluten Free
- Amylase Resistant
- IDDSI Level 4 Pureed

- High Protein High Energy
- Gluten Free
- Nut & Soy Free
- Vegetarian
- Certified Halal
- Certified Kosher Dairy
- Texture Modified Diet (IDDSI Level 4 Pureed and above)

Freeze before serving. Peel back the foil lid and enjoy.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Freeze before serving. Do not refreeze after opening. Once opened, cover and refrigerate between serving. Discard leftover product after 24 hours. ‘2-hour/4-hour’ rule recommended. SCREAMIES can also be served as a dairy dessert refrigerated or at room temperature.

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