Etac Star Stabil-Air Air Cell Cushion 44x44x7.5cm

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The StabilAir is the perfect blend of a multi-celled air cushion featuring soft, contoured foam tubes within each air cell. Designed with two sizes of foam cylinders for increased stability.

The height variation of internal foam provides two benefits:

First, the internal foam is contoured, with taller foam around the outside, and shorter foam for the leg troughs, buttocks, and coccyx. This contoured layer of foam provides stability, making it easier to undertake transfers on and off the cushion.

The second benefit is that the foam provides a backup or secondary layer of skin protection, which prevents the cushion from fully bottoming out. This means that a user and care provider can have the "peace of mind" of knowing that should the multi-celled air cushion lose air, the user is safeguarded with a backup layer of skin protection.

The air cell cushion's formability ensures good pressure redistribution with a single inflation chamber, which is easy to adjust with a valve.


Hybrid air cushion
Soft foam and air cylinders for immersion and envelopment
Foam height variation for anatomical shape
Single valve inflation
Made with a high-quality, flame-resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber
Internal foam is 1.8 density fire retardant PU, contoured depending on cushion height
Incontinence covers available
Included with the cushion: fitted cover and hand pump
Cushion: Handwash with soap, baking soda or vinegar. To disinfect the cushion, use a 70% alcohol-based disinfectant solution. Machine wash for 10min. Maximum cleaning temperature: 40 °C
Cover: Machine wash in warm water. Maximum cleaning temperature: 60 °C. Do not bleach. Rinse in cold water and line dry or machine dry at a low temperature
Maximum user weight: none
Warranty Cushion: 2 years
Warranty Cover: 1 year

ARTG Number: 339953
Australian Standards: EN 12182:2012
Warranty: 2 Years

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