DryMax Soft 20cm x 20cm-Box 10

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DryMax Soft is a highly efficient dressing that offers extended wear time compared to traditional absorbent dressings. It is specifically designed to complement compression therapy. The dressing can be applied with either side facing the wound, reducing the risk of incorrect usage and allowing for layering of dressings when necessary.

With its thin, soft, and flexible material, the dressing conforms closely to the skin, minimizing creases.
Comfortable for the patient and easy to apply, even on challenging body areas where stiffer dressings may not be suitable.

The slimmer border simplifies positioning over the wound, enhancing convenience.

The combined absorption and retention properties of the dressing effectively manage fluid, making it beneficial for various exuding wounds, including venous and arterial leg ulcers.

DryMax Soft dressings come in packs of 10 or 25

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